Maker Movement

There's something interesting happening as we've developed giant factories, automatous machines and cheap labor outsourcing. Products are becoming so cheap and made with so little care, that they are becoming more and more disconnected with their customers. Products are made in mass with low quality materials so they can be sold super cheap. That's fine for a lot of the regular products that you buy at Amazon and Walmart and big retailers, but it's opening another door. 

The maker movement is growing rapidly. Mainly because some people don't want the same stuff everyone else has. They value quality products, and unique design. Makers are thriving. It is becoming more and more mainstream to find makers like Carbon Fi and ordering unique products that are difficult to mass produce/are not marketable to billions of people at a time. 

We're proud to be part of the Maker Movement and we absolutely love handmaking rings with innovative materials! We live for carbon fiber and glow. We're happy about this split because it opens more and more doors for us. Some people are just cheap and some people value quality. We aim to please the quality seekers and we will for years and years to come. 

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