Liberty Aurora Carbon - The First Of It's kind

It's difficult to truly convey how hard this was to create. It took years of development, time, searching and experimentation, but after we've been asked countless times for a red, white and blue carbon fiber that glows in the dark, we've finally been able to do it!

Getting Started

Here's how we did it. 4 years ago we wrapped up our first glow in the dark carbon fiber ring Kickstarter. The Aurora Version 1 or Matrix Carbon Fiber. We were so proud of it, but it was just a start. The glow stripes were thin and didn't glow very bright or long. The point of the carbon was to look like regular carbon fiber during the day but glow in the dark. We achieved that for sure but the glow needed something. 

RED- 2015-2016

We had a hard time finding a good red. We worked with Carbon Waves on this because the first red we found was BEAUTIFUL! It was a deep crimson. Oh man it was so pretty....but it was sulfur based. It no joke, smelled like rotten eggs. What's worse is that the ring would cause your finger to smell too. What a bummer. 

Second Red - 2015-2016

The second red was only red during the day and glowed green in the dark but not a pretty green. It looked fine during the day but really lacked some glow power and potential. Back to the drawing board. 

Third Red - 2016-2019

Our third red was a more powerful version of the second red. It was red during the day and looked great but glowed a hot orange. We named it fire glow because of that. It really is a great glow and we settled on it because of it's cost, performance and marketability. Ultimately I love it! 

NEW RED - 2019 to ????

Our new red is DOPE. It's amazing to say the least. It glows TRUE red. It's the first red that we've found that glows true red.....but it's EXPENSIVE. It's really really expensive. It costs more than white glow and white glow is really expensive. What's cool about this red glow is that not only does it glow a true red, but it's white during the day. It has a neutral color that matches our other glow colors! It's really really cool and we're super excited

Because the new red is white during the day, we are able to infuse it into the carbon fiber directly without worrying about the red tint bleeding into the other glow colors!


The result is Liberty Aurora Carbon. We finally did it. This was a long long, expensive journey and we feel confident in our exploration! We're pumped! #Neverstopinnovating


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