Liberty Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring

The Liberty Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring is one of the most popular rings I have ever designed. It was designed to be a sleeper if you're familiar with that term (car lingo). It was supposed to look like an average old carbon fiber ring during the day, but with a glow in the dark suprise. 

It features 3 glow stripes that are as close to red white and blue as humanly possible. The blue is our standard blue infused glow. The white is our standard white infused glow. White glow is white with a very subtle light teal tint when infused with carbon fiber. The red was the hard color. We use fire glow, but it's red during the day and glows orange in the dark. That wasn't going to work for us. 

We used a special red that is why during the day and glows red in the dark. The darker the room, the more red it glows. It also happens to cost 8 times as much as normal glow, but we had to do it. The result was perfect. 

I'm immensely proud of the this design.

Liberty Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring. 

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