Let's Talk About Material Used in Wedding Bands


Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and lightest weight materials on the planet. It also happens to be hypoallergenic, making it an excellent material to be made into jewelry like carbon fiber rings. We started working with carbon fiber right out of the gate when we started making wedding rings. We love that it doesn't look like anything else out there. It is black, with gray waves. It has a very striking appearance and makes a great wedding band or just a daily wear carbon fiber ring that looks awesome. 

Carbon fiber rings polish well, but look just as good beat up. The longer you have your carbon fiber ring, the more matte the carbon fiber becomes.  

In addition, carbon fiber pairs with a lot of other materials to make carbon fiber rings that combine glow, titanium, gold, trustone and more. We live for this stuff.


Carbon Fiber Ring made from solid carbon fiber by Carbon Fi


Titanium bands fall right in line with carbon fiber bands. They are strong, lightweight and also  hypoallergenic. There's a reason titanium is widely used in the medical industry. It makes a very nice wedding ring and has a darker sheen than silver wedding bands. It can be anodized various colors, cuts like butter, and is overall just a very beautiful material. We steering clear of titanium rings originally, but thanks to Anson C. we became raving fans of titanium wedding bands. It also pairs very very nicely with carbon fiber...hint hint wink wink.

Titanium rings that have been anodized with different voltage by Carbon Fi


We love making wedding bands out of trustone for many reasons, but before we get into that, we have to shout out the guy that make this stuff. We know him and his operation and they're stand up people, artists, creators and all around geniuses. They can take real stones, stabilize them and turn them into a composite that we can use to make wedding rings. They are master artists, makers and creators. We strive to be as incredible as they are. 

We love working with trustone because of it's appearance. It has a striking, beautiful, consistent appearance that is remarkable. Trustone pairs so beautiful with carbon fiber it makes a very very beautiful wedding ring. There's no way we could do what we do with stone, let alone have it as perfect as trustone is every single time. 

It is a composite so it is hypoallergenic for nearly everyone. It also looks beautiful matte or polished.

A trustone ring made from black and white marble trustone and carbon fiber by Carbon Fi


Where do we start? We love glow so much that we started making glow ourselves in house. We wanted to achieve the brightest, longest lasting glow possible so your wedding bands would be the brightest, longest lasting glow there is. We love glow. It is a composite so it is hypoallergenic for nearly everyone and once again, making it a perfect choice as a wedding ring. 

It is not the most durable material on earth, but with a carbon fiber ring, titanium ring or another material it works great for a long time and becomes very durable. The best part about glow is it will continue to glow for years and years and years. As always, a quick 10 seconds in sunlight charges it up and it will glow in the dark for 45 minutes up to as long as 12 hours for some designs, it varies by color. Green being the brightest and fire (red) being the least brightest. If you want a wedding ring that will make a statement, this is it. 

It's no secret we love to create composite carbon fiber inlay rings. It's a big deal to take the carbon fiber ring and inlay glow in the dark material into it. It truly makes a statement.

Glow in the dark matrix carbon fiber rings in various colors by Carbon Fi


Gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, platinum and palladium have been used as wedding rings for millennia. We're all about flip flopping an industry with carbon fiber rings, but something so coveted and beautiful still has a place in our hearts. We put a modern, aerospace spin on the use of precious metals by pairing it with carbon fiber to make gold and carbon fiber rings. 

Typically and historically most mens wedding bands have been made from gold, rose gold, white gold and silver. Many women's wedding bands are as well but also include diamonds. That's all well and good, but we set out to make an aerospace gold ring with a carbon fiber inlay. Not only does it becomes a stronger, more durable ring, the carbon fiber helps make the gold more hypoallergenic. People with mild metal allergies can wear a gold ring as long as it has a carbon fiber inlay inside that touches the main part of their finger. 

Pairing a composite like carbon fiber and gold is no easy task. You essentially have to make a carbon fiber ring and a gold ring and then bond them properly. You don't just want into a jewelry store and ask for them to solder a gold ring or titanium ring and a carbon fiber ring together. It has to be bonded together just right. Even more difficult is doing a carbon fiber inlay with a gold ring. There's so many things that can go wrong. 

We groove anchors into both the gold ring and the carbon ring, create rough points and bond the two gold ring and carbon ring with infusion epoxy in an oven to cure the two smaller rings together permanently. Otherwise, years from now, your gold and carbon fiber ring will likely fall apart. Our expertise is essential in this area to make sure your wedding ring lasts a lifetime.

Carbon Fiber and yellow gold ring made by Carbon Fi

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