Knife Profile Titanium Ring

The knife profile on a ring has been done before. We're not the first. But we did it different. We did it broad, in titanium and with special finish options. 

The Edge

First things first, what is The Edge? It is a titanium ring based on a knife profile. It is titanium, hand turned, cut, sized and finished. It is customizable to you. Most knife profile rings are silver or gold. While those are fine metals, they lack durability and are not hypoallergenic.

Titanium rings are far more durable than gold bands or silver bands. That knife edge profile will go through hell over its life time so it's very important to have a durable metal that can withstand the abuse without denting. 

In addition, we offer two widths. A broad or a medium width. There is no narrow width. We feel it's important to keep a little width, if it gets too narrow, that knife profile feels more and more like a knife edge. 

Lastly, we offer different finish options. My personal favorite is what we call beskar finish. I know beskar in the Mandalorian movie is technically steel, but have you noticed how much it looks like titanium? It has a darker sheen than steel. In addition, it's not a full gloss polish when polished. Titanium has a unique polish profile and the beskar finish, is a combination of a matte finish with a polish applied which is somewhere in the range between satin and gloss. It's gorgeous. 

Check out THE EDGE Ring.

The Edge a titanium ring with a knife profile edge

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