Carbon Fi Team

This is a big deal for us. Carbon Fi has primarily always been Tyler Wright. I started Carbon Fi 5 years ago. I've done everything I could to grow it. In fact, I didn't take a paycheck for 2 years. I put every ounce of profit back into Carbon Fi to grow it so I could quit my job because I KNEW this is what I wanted to do. I spent money on advertising, new materials, tools, air conditioning units and I even trained my brother, brothers in law and a friend how to make rings trying to grow it. 

Our team right now consists of myself, Dallin and Blaze. We just added on Jared. He's been a family friend since we were little kids. He is picking it up quick and is smart. We aim to get him up to speed here shortly and when we do, we should be set for world domination....I mean shorter wait times. We're just getting way more orders than we ever anticipated and we think it's time we just add someone else to the team. 

I am hoping this gets us wait times of 2 weeks or less. Wish us luck! PS I hate being a boss and managing people. I tend to like to be in the trenches with them which makes this decision very difficult because it means slightly less trench time for myself. I LOVE making rings. It's therapeutic, hard and artistic. It requires mountains of focus and patience and I live for the pressure. 

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