All About Aurora Carbon Fiber Rings

Aurora Carbon Fiber is a unique carbon fiber that we designed to have the strength and appearance of a normal carbon fiber ring but with glow stripes infused into the carbon fiber. 

How Aurora Carbon Fiber is Made

Carbon fiber itself is made by stacking multiple layers up, putting it in a vacuum bag, and infusing epoxy through it. The vacuum bag does 2 things, it holds the layers of carbon fiber down and sucks epoxy through the layers of carbon fiber. 

What makes Aurora Carbon Fiber unique is, we do the same thing, but we create stripes of glow that are layered in during the vacuum bagging process. Epoxy is infused into the layers of carbon fiber and glow until cured. 

Once cured, we have an incredible sheet of carbon fiber that has glow stripes right in between the layers. The result is a ring that will last a lifetime, that is strong, durable and has lume infused right into the ring. The only side effect is the glow is slightly more subdued. But the trade off is a ring that is as strong and durable as a solid carbon fiber ring. 


Aurora Carbon Fiber Rings and Sheet

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