Alien Carbon Fiber Rings

Most people don't realize, but carbon fiber is not the easiest material to make. Alien carbon might be one of the hardest carbon fiber sheets to pull off which makes it all the more unique and incredible materials ever created for jewelry. 

Normal carbon fiber is made by layering up many man layers of carbon fiber fabric in a vacuum bag. Then pulling a perfect, air tight vacuum on it. The vacuum allows the atmospheric pressure to evening put pressure on the layers of carbon fiber fabric. Epoxy is then infused through the vacuum bag. A perfect infusion means there are no air bubbles. A single air leak can completely ruin the entire sheet of carbon fiber.. 

In this case, what makes alien carbon unique is glow rocks or tiny little glow fragments are scattered in between all the layers of carbon fiber. This makes the vacuum infusion more prone to leaks and inconsistencies. Getting it right is imperative. 

The result is this really cool carbon fiber that has glow pebbles layered into the carbon fiber. We cut rings from the carbon fiber and it gives it that signature appearance you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Find your alien carbon ring 


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