Alien Carbon Fiber Glow Rings

Alien Carbon Fiber Glow Rings

Today we explore our alien carbon fiber ring design. We make the wedding rings out of a unique carbon fiber that has glow in the dark stones infused in. between the layers of the carbon fiber. We then cut each ring out of the carbon fiber by hand. We take the time to shape, sand and polish each ring by hand.




The stones infused into the carbon fiber glow in the dark. They charge up in the sunlight, black light or bright led. After a full charge (which only takes seconds in the sunlight) they will illuminate in the dark. The darker the room is, the brighter and more intense the glow in the dark effect. 



Alien Carbon is amazing, but sometimes you'd like your ring churched up a bit. We have two upgrades, both with different purposes. One is the Paradox upgrade. This is for someone that wants their alien carbon fiber ring to glow in the dark brighter and more intensely. We add a matching glow liner to the inside, which boosts the overall glow effect in the design. 


For those that like a metal liner, a heavier ring or just like the look of the titanium against carbon fiber, we recommend the UFO version of the alien carbon fiber ring. It has a titanium liner which is still fairly lightweight, but is heavier than carbon fiber and offers a little more weight. It is hypoallergenic and has a solid feel to it. 



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