A Little Bragging

Here's the deal, there's something about the process I created that is spectacularly unique and I want to brag about it a little. No one would ever know this if I didn't mention it. In fact, it would remain a secret for ever. 

What makes Carbon Fi unique, truly unique, is we have mastered the process of making a carbon fiber ring. We can make them by hand so efficiently that factories overseas can't even keep up. I've spent the last 5 years mastering this process. Developing time saving tools, tips, secrets and everything in between. 

To produce a ring like the Aurora V3 by hand would take many many hours and we would have to charge absurdly amounts of money to make and sell. There's even multiple ways to do it that would have a price tag between $250 all the way up to $1000 to produce each ring. 

Many of the expensive ring makers out there do the hard method of laminating tons of little pieces to make one ring. It is ultra time consuming and done wrong, the ring will fall apart over time. 

We took a process of infusing a plate in one single go and created it in one solid plate of carbon fiber instead of laminating each individual piece. The cost is high up front to develop a large plate of carbon fiber in each color, but it results in a significantly lower priced ring with a longer, more durable composition.

In addition to that, after 5 years, and well over 10,000 rings, we've developed a process to make these unique rings for WAY less than our competition and still have enough revenue. Without this process there is nearly no way we could have a thriving business. We are a business of makers. We're not a single starving artist. We're not making one off rings. We're carbon fiber ring making specialists. We hand make them better than anyone in the entire world. 

That is something that we are very proud of and I'll be straight with you, I invented the processes and streamlined them. It required sweat, tears, mistakes, nearly giving up and spending my entire savings account to do, but I did it and I hope you love what I've created. It may not be apparent all that went into this, but trust me that it nearly cost me everything to invent. 

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