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Liberty Aurora Carbon - The First Of It's kind

It's difficult to truly convey how hard this was to create. It took years of development, time, searching and experimentation, but after we've been asked countless times for a red, white and blue carbon fiber that glows in the dark, we've finally been able to do it! Getting Started Here's how we did it. 4 years ago we wrapped up our first glow in the dark carbon fiber ring Kickstarter. The Aurora Version 1 or Matrix Carbon Fiber. We were so proud of it, but it was just a start. The glow stripes were thin and didn't glow very bright or long. The point of the carbon was to look like regular carbon fiber during the day but glow in...

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A Little Bragging

Here's the deal, there's something about the process I created that is spectacularly unique and I want to brag about it a little. No one would ever know this if I didn't mention it. In fact, it would remain a secret for ever.  What makes Carbon Fi unique, truly unique, is we have mastered the process of making a carbon fiber ring. We can make them by hand so efficiently that factories overseas can't even keep up. I've spent the last 5 years mastering this process. Developing time saving tools, tips, secrets and everything in between.  To produce a ring like the Aurora V3 by hand would take many many hours and we would have to charge absurdly amounts of...

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Rune Refinery and Carbon Fi

Have you ever wondered why Carbon Fi and Rune Refinery have such similar designs? We're about to tell you.  January 2017 there was only Carbon Fi. Carbon Fi started in 2014 and made it official in 2015 when it grew from a side hobby to a legit business. In January 2017, Tyler, the founder of Carbon Fi connected with Dan, the owner of then Mica Watches.  In business you don't just give someone part of your business for no reason, so I (Tyler), positioned the idea of launching a separate joint business called Rune Refinery and so we did. After running it for nearly a year, it was obvious that we were making money but not enough for the both of...

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2018 Wrap Up

2018 was one of my biggest building years so far. The end of 2017 presented some challenges that took nearly a full year to build and recover from. We are stable and more importantly we have learned immensely. We have applied tough lessons towards growth moving forward and we are excited for what 2019 has to offer.  In 2018 we launched many new designs and built some strong partnerships like those with Patrick Adair Designs, Earth Chunks, Richter Scale Rings, Skur Composites, Whatever Louie and others. We've had some ups and downs and mostly we've learned that we're capable of so much more.  Look for a huge 2019 of new designs, growth and some new big stuff launching soon. 

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FIRST VIDEO - Delirium

A few weeks ago I went to visit Patrick Adair of Patrick Adair Designs. He showed me the success he's derived from Youtube and taught me how to shoot videos. This is my first video of us making, prototyping and releasing the Delirium Carbon Fiber Lume Ring. It's not perfect so go easy but it's a start. Enjoy!

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