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Carbon Fi

We handcraft each ring in our shop. We specialize in jewelry made from carbon fiber, titanium, lume and unique materials relating to innovation, technology and engineering. We're obsessed with carbon fiber. It's the most advanced material and it's perfectly for jewelry.


Jewelry Inspired by Innovation

Aerospace Jewelry

We use some of the most advanced materials in the design of our jewelry. The world is advancing and we're at the forefront of it's utilization in wearble uses. It's beautiful, functional and badass.

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The core of carbon fi

origin range

This is where it all started for us. We started with the Origin Range and haven't stopped innovating it! Simple. Pure.

Charges in seconds. Glows in the dark

Lume Range

We introduced lume into our designs years ago and never looked back. We have become very skilled lume composite makers and designers. Explore the Lume Range

Designs using precious metals

Premium Range

New meets old. We took some traditional jewelry concepts and mated them with futuristic carbon fiber. We've mastered the process. For the extraordinary. Explore the Premium Range